Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Reviews Keep Coming in....

Each skier is commenting on skis with flex patterns that were custom built from the ground up to their unique height, weight, riding conditions, and riding style.

Skis are stellar! I got the Givers, and at first I thought they’d be too wide for multi-tasking... I was wrong. They not only danced in the powder, but they railed turns on the groomers and were quick in the bumps... I can not believe they are 114 under-foot!

The early rise (rocker) is a new concept for me. I am pleased with how it virtually shortens the ski and helps to initiate the turns on the groomers while maintaining the length (stability & flotation) for the soft stuff. Once I got these babies in the powder, they literally danced. I could make quick turns with ease, or bomb at high speeds with confidence.

Overall I could not be more happy with my purchase. I can really feel the customized flex pattern working in my behalf and I know that they are built with love. Thank Folsom, keep up the good work, I will definitely be spreading the word to anyone willing to listen.

· Ben D. 191 Giver 142.114.128

Hey, I was just writing about the awesome skis you made me. They are like cheating. I just rolled with them in Snowmass, and it was awesome. They push through powder, light or heavy and are awesome for pillow hoping. They also hold up well on hard pack and are pretty adept at park. Best of all, they make everyone jealous that sees them.

Thanks so much…and keep on making some of the most innovative skis is the business.

· Nathaniel M. 181 Hyper Chunk 152.124.148

My Folsoms are by far the best skis I have skied. ever. Their powder response is impeccable and their durability is extremely surprising. I have skied approximately 20 days on them so far, and the givers hold true to their name, making me look good. I am thoroughly impressed with your product.

· Scott S. 191cm Giver 142.114.128

The skis are doing great. I’ve never skied on a such a solid ski both in the air and at high speeds. They love to go fast and are unbelievably stable. I went down to Telluride for the Freesking World Tour and chose a fun line involving a chute and a decent size air (20-25 feet) at the bottom. Unfortunately, I landed straight on a rock and “rag dolled” the bottom half of the run. I was concerned the ski couldn’t handle the impact, but other than some base damage which was ground out they’re good as new. The most bomb proof skis I’ve ever ridden on, yet very light weight. Love the rocker up front too, on icy days, really shortens up the ski, but for the pow pow days, still have the 191 length. I’ll be adding a fatter pair to the quiver for next year!

· Brett B. 191cm Giver 142.114.128

Paterson is absolutely ecstatic about his Folsom Super Chunks. On Monday at Vail we spent the day hunting powder in the trees. Paterson also launched several cliffs. He is amazed at how the Folsom’s turned the tracked pow into velvet. The untracked pow was absolutely heavenly! We also were able to use our Marker Dukes to do a little back-country hiking in knee-deep blower pow. Paterson danced through them like he was a World Cup slalom champ, whooping and hollering the whole way down. He was asked about the skis in lift lines and while riding lifts at least a dozen times. Of course, he gave them rave reviews.....Clearly, you have a winner with the Super Chunks.

· Ron C. (on the skis we built for his son Paterson) 191cm Super Chunk 166.134.154

I’m literally speechless. This design process is one of the coolest things I think I’ve ever been part of. It feels awesome to be treated with such respect as an athlete, and I will definitely be talking up the process to everyone who asks about the beautiful monsters snapped onto my boots. They’re magical. They carve like a GS ski, it’s crazy. I can edge them so hard I’ve booted out, which is not something I could do on lesser fat skis. They have awesome pop too, I’ve been consistently surprised by how much air I can get off even the small rollers. The early rise is amazing as far as inspiring confidence at speed. I’ve always had a fear (as a tele-skier) that my tip is going to dig in weird, and that has kept my “acceptable top speed” below what I’ve seen from talented friends with alpine gear, but that fear has literally disappeared and I’ve been pushing as hard as I can to find their red line. My skis killed it in the steep chutes at Silverton, which had some really variable conditions; the stiffness and early rise were essential, as no one else in my group could link more than a few turns at a time and I ripped it hard top to bottom. Leg burner! I also got to really get them up to speed in the steep pow and was blown away by their stability at some of the fastest speeds I’ve hit on tele skis. You really have designed me a ski that will do everything I ask it to…

· Doug M. 185cm Johnny C. 135.107.125