Thursday, August 26, 2010

South America Ski Testing 2010

Five days ago we boarded a plane to Buenos Aires with 7 pairs of Folsom Customs, $500 in overweight bag fees and no idea where we were going. Chasing snow is a bit like rolling the dice – by the time you get somewhere (20 hrs and 3 different airports, a night in Buenos Aires and 25 hrs on the bus) snow conditions can be completely different than expected or forecasted. Our original plan was to head straight to Las Lenas where the skiing is steep and gnarly, but with only 20cms of snow at the base it was an easy call to make a last minute decision and veer even further south to Bariloche where we heard it was storming. The forecast was not even close to predicting as much snow as we’re getting – it’s snowing golf ball sized flakes (inconveniently so - to the point where it’s difficult to see through) and the coverage is bomber. As it’s my first time here I’m not sure if it’s normal for your feet to touch down half way up the lift or if there’s just a really good base – but either way it’s awesome – just remember to keep your tips up (I didn’t).

As a west coast born and bread skier the deep wet snow that we’re getting here is just what I’m used to. My 185 gambits are keeping me afloat and ensuring I’m maxing out on the fun scale. Mike and Ryan are testing out some longer boards – 205cm Gambits with a variety of flex patterns and tail profiles as well as 196 Giver’s with a 10mm and 15mm tip taper. The giver’s were killing it in the limited chop that we came across and laying down fat arcs in the deep stuff. With the tip shape we notice much less deflection in crud and softer snow and it provided a mellower turning radius – a true and tried big mountain beast. If we had of made the decision to go to Las Lenas for the FWT comp this ski would have slayed it. After three months of summer and intense ski building Mike jumped on the 205 gambits which ski much like the 195s but with added tip and tail there’s more running surface and a longer effective edge on the hard pack. At 205cms, this ski attracts a lot of attention; coupled with Mike’s eye catching outfit from Trew Gear and his tendency to speak in super deep Spanglish as though everything is this summer’s next biggest blockbuster, it’s hard to pretend we’re not raging gringo’s.

Can’t wait to try out the other ski shapes, but it’s looking like it might be a few days due to massive amounts of precip and some strong winds. Shorts, flip flops and t’s are a thing of the past. Here at Freedom hostel the ceiling is leaking, it looks the apocalypse is arriving over Lago Nahuel Huapi, it’s raining sideways and the already taped up single pane glass sounds like it might just shake right out of the windows. Until the wind dies down and the storm subsides it’s beers, watching Mike fix electrical sockets with a Leatherman and towel for precaution, and taking in the local culture.

Next report will be post nipple deep pow day….

Words By: Kasie Stroshin

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Summer Production Skis Available

Semi-Custom Summer Production Order

Here is how it works:

1. Skis at this price are only built over the summer and orders must be received by June 10th.

2. You chose a shape, graphic color, camber profile, and stiffness profile

3. You submit your order and make a non-refundable deposit of $350 to secure your skis.

4. You enjoy your summer knowing we are hard at work hand building your skis.

5. September arrives and you pay the remaining balance of $500 (Gambits will be $550).

6. Your skis arrive at your door in October and ready for the season!!

It’s that simple. Get your hands on some soon. We will only be making a limited quantity at this price each summer. If you are interested in the full custom experience and custom fit, you can always order from the full custom process where we talk with you and analyze what your specific needs are and build a ski from the ground up to match you.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Argentina and Chile!!

A testing crew at Folsom is heading to South America today. We have skiers leaving from VT, CO, OR and Whistler BC and they will be descending into Argentina for almost three weeks of skiing, testing, and photos.

Heading out are:
-Mike McCabe
-Ryan Prentice
-Chuck Mumford
-Kasie Stroshin
-Andy Patchin (photographer and tester)
-Jesse Durrance is already down there.
-And 14 prototype shapes for testing.

Some of the crew will also be competing in La Parva at the FWT event.

Stay tuned for updates!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Folsom's New Look

Folsom Custom Skis has a new logo and come mid-August an entirely new website with more shapes, graphics and features.

Also, be sure to be on the look out for us in all the major buyers guides. The word is out and we couldn't be more thrilled with the response.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

From the Folsom Lab

Hey all,
We have been prototyping some new top-secret (until now) shapes. They are as follows:

200cm 138/111/126 36m radius, directional small tail
190cm 136/111/124 32m radius, directional small tail
195cm 148/118/126 24m radius
-early tapered nose and tail and dual rocker with low camber underfoot
185cm 148/116/126 18.5 radius
-early tapered nose and tail and dual rocker with low camber underfoot

Pictured is the 190cm 136/111/124, and two of the 195cm 148/118/126 shapes.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Folsom Customs Adaptive Skis

Folsom Customs has begun building custom skis specifically designed for the sitskier. In collaboration with Aspen local and X-games silver medalist Sam Ferguson, Folsom is developing these skis to get adaptive skiers equipment that is build uniquely for their needs. Check out a bio on Sam here.

These pictures are Sam riding his Folsom Customs in Aspen Highlands bowl.

Aspen Highlands Ski Patrol on Folsoms

Folsom is excited to be building custom skis for the Aspen Highlands Ski patrol for next season. These skis will be built with a customized flex for the patrollers and an AHSP signature topsheet. Patrollers demand the most from their gear and we are thrilled to get them on our durable skis that are built uniquely to them.