Sunday, October 5, 2008


We got word from Ryan Prentice who recently got back from Argentina while visiting team rider Jesse Durrance (whose been living there all summer). The first three shots are Jesse Durrance and the last three shots are Ryan.

Argentinean Trip Report: So I just returned back to Portland, OR from almost a month of skiing in Las Lenas, Argentina. This trip finally concludes my 07/08 ski
. With over 215 days on snow this year from Whistler to Washington and Oregon to South America I am ready to take a two month break and try and make a little money. What a season this has been!! The snow pack was great at Las Lenas and I skied off the renowned Marte lift almost everyday I was down there. I had never been to SA to ski before and Las Lenas had better terrain than I could imagine. 3,500 feet of sustained 45 to 50 degree slopes just off the lift blew my mind. The lift accessible terrain at Lenas would never be open in NA ski resorts due to liability purposes and makes Whistler's steeps look like green runs. I had such an awesome time skiing and meeting new people. Some of the best and most passionate skiers in the world travel south for the summer and skiing with these rippers was a blast! I was down there long enough to start enjoying the local cheap drink of Fernet and Coke. If you dont know what that it is the best way to describe its unique taste is drinking coke right after brushing your teeth. I primarily skied my 191 Givers while I was down south and they performed beautifully. I skied a bunch of super tight couloirs and open bowls and I couldn't ask for a better balance of stability and maneuverability. Whether its high speed straightlining or hop turns these things work for me! The rocks at Lenas are all like shark teeth and tear your ski behind your head when you hit them. While I managed to obtain a few good sized core shots, everything is easily fixable with a base welder. After witnessing day in and day out other skiers equipment fail, I was stoked to have been on Folsom's. People were stoked on the skis too and asking lots of questions. I plastered stickers on everything in sight. While I was down there, fellow team rider Jesse Durrance came up from Buenos Aires to ski with me and talk about new ski designs. We both had nothing but praise for these skis and came up with some new designs and ideas that should be in the works soon. Some super cool things coming up in the next year. That about wraps up my trip down south, enjoy the photos and my next report will probably be from Whistler when I move back up there in a few months. Go Fast and take chances! -Ryan Prentice