Monday, June 16, 2008

June 11th in the Rockies

So myself and a few friends set off for Torrey's peak (a 14er near A-basin) for some summer hiking and skiing down Dead Dog Couloir . The first picture is about an hour into our hike (yes that is the first Folsom splitboard prototype). Its sunny and 45F and Dead Dog is in the background just above the tip of the splitboard.

The next picture is half an hour later and we are on the way up Grays Peak (another fourteener adjacent to Torreys). I snapped it when we had a very brief moment of visibility. It was now snowing and the wind was a good 40-50mph sustained with gusts above 65mph. Our visibility was pretty much hovering between 10 yards and 2 yards most of the time. We drudged ahead hoping it would blow over as fast as it came in, but after an hour of pushing we decided to turn around figuring it wouldn't be much fun to ski Dead Dog's 50deg pitches for the first time in a whiteout. So we skied down Grays mellower slope dodging roller balls as they would appear from the white abyss.

Ahhh summer skiing in the Rockies..... roll the dice and smile.