Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Preview of the Skis

We are working hard on our website and hopefully will launch it in August. You will be able to browse the shapes with their full descriptions and the graphic options thoroughly at that time (as well as place orders!). Until then, we just thought you might like a preview of the ski sizes and shapes. (click on the picture to view)

At Folsom Customs, the shapes will be fixed but the flex patterns are tailored to each rider. What we have done (and it took three years of testing) is come up with multiple flex patterns for each shape. This means when we build a ski for you, we not only fit you to a shape but also to a tested flex pattern that will be tailored to your personal goals as a skier and based off your personal specs (height, weight , skill level, background etc...).

If you would like to receive an e-mail notification of when the website launches please e-mail launch@folsomskis.com.